Yamaha Announces Collaboration with EV Battery Start-Up

Yamaha Announces Collaboration with EV Battery Start-Up

Yamaha has announced it is preparing to undertake a collaboration with a Taiwanese EV battery exchange and scooter start-up.

The Japanese tech giant intends to design electric scooters based on production vehicles already made by Taiwan’s Gogoro. The collaboration is apparently still at the “study” stages, with a formal agreement between the two companies expected later this year. Gogoro will handle production of the scooters, but they will bear the Yamaha brand name.

It is hoped the scooters will use Gogoro’s Smart Energy battery exchange system and be sold by Yamaha Motor Taiwan from summer 2019 onwards. Smart Energy consists of a network of over 700 stations across Taiwan at which users of Gogoro’s EV batteries can swap depleted ones for new ones. Yamaha aims to use the collaboration to expand its product range, while Gogoro is aiming to increase its production volume.

Commenting on his company’s collaboration with Yamaha, Gogoro founder and CEO Horace Luke claimed it would assist his start-up in achieving its end goal of “spark[ing] the smart city transition in megacities”.

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