World News: TomTom reveals IQ Routes™ technology on new TomTom GO 930T

World News:  TomTom reveals IQ Routes™ technology on new TomTom GO 930T

The IQ RoutesTM technology is based on actual average speeds that have been measured on roads, rather than sign-posted speed limits. This intelligent routing technology is based on anonymous historical speed profiles of more than 10 billion km of driven roads, gathered over the years by millions of TomTom users. It takes into account all the factors that may influence the time it takes drivers to get to their destination, including traffic lights, roundabouts, steep slopes and speed bumps.

This means the new TomTom GO determines a route by considering all possible routes, and then selects the one that takes the least time. In almost 50% of all journeys, this results in the driver taking a different and faster route, saving travel time and fuel.

The TomTom IQ RoutesTM speed profile database continues to grow at the rate of more than half a billion measurements per day, so the time and spatial accuracy of TomTom IQ RoutesTM technology will increase continually.

The new TomTom GO also features a first for the navigation mass market – Advanced Lane Guidance, which gives drivers a more realistic representation of highway junctions on the screen, including lane direction arrows, and static images of road signs in the same colour as the ones displayed on the road.

In the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the two new features will be available initially on the TomTom GO 930T, which should be in retail stores at end-April.

The TomTom GO 930T, which will replace the current TomTom GO 920T, will come pre-installed with the most up-to-date seamless maps of 35 countries in Western & Eastern Europe, Russia, the US and Canada.

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