World News: Telit expands distributor network

World News:  Telit expands distributor network

Telit Wireless Solutions is extending its range of services and level of customer support by setting up Competence Centres around the world.

The partner companies offer special skills and engineering services in the technical design of cellular M2M applications based on Telit technology.

To date, seven Competence Centres in Europe as well as North and South America have joined the new Telit program.

The Telit Competence Centres provide design, development, integration assistance and other value added services to customers looking to execute an application design. By developing individual concepts, they help to integrate the suite of Telit GSM/GPRS modules and services in cellular M2M solutions in order to achieve the best technical result.

While not a direct sales channel, the Competence Centre partners will complement Telit's current distribution network.

The following partner companies currently form part of the international Telit Competence Centres: SEVA Engenharia Eletronica (Brazil), ionSign Oy (Finland), CETEC (Germany), Gatetel (Israel), Skytechnology (Italy), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and The Morey Corporation (US).

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