World News: Tele Atlas delivers key cities in 3D

World News:  Tele Atlas delivers key cities in 3D

Tele Atlas will make available nearly fifty detailed 3D city maps for use in navigation devices and location-based applications.

The first Tele Atlas 3D city maps, including maps for major European cities such as Berlin, London and Rome, will be released in July 2007/

Additional European, US and Asian cities are scheduled to be released during the next year.

With 3D capabilities, screen images in in-car and portable navigation systems and local search applications on mobile devices more closely match what users actually see in their surroundings.

The 3D city maps available in July will cover nearly 2,000 square kilometres, or approximately 40 square km per city.

In addition, they will feature complete, textured city centres modelled in 3D and Tele Atlas’ unique 3D landmarks of notable structures, including Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, the Tower of London and the Colosseum in Rome.

Based on a recent Tele Atlas Advanced Display Research Study, conducted to determine consumer interest in 3D and enhanced image offerings by current and potential navigation system users, a compelling 81% of consumers expressed a preference for 3D display over 2D display offerings.

The study also indicated a strong willingness to pay for additional 3D city map content.

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