World News: Siemens VDO researches “wrong-way driving warning” system

World News:  Siemens VDO researches “wrong-way driving warning” system

Siemens VDO is conducting research for a warning system that can protect drivers from entering freeways or one-way streets from the wrong direction.

Using the synergistic integration of camera-based traffic sign recognition and the navigation system, the new electronic assistant can detect and warn drivers before they drive the wrong way, improperly enter freeways, one-way streets or drive in the opposite direction from traffic.

Various warning strategies are possible, including a signal tone, a control lamp in the instrument panel, a warning notice on the head-up display, or tactile warning signals.

The Siemens VDO "wrong-way driving warning" system uses a camera mounted behind the interior rear view mirror aimed at the road ahead. The camera recognises traffic signs displaying the current speed limit as well as the white bar on the red background of German Sign 267 – "Do Not Enter".

The eHorizon provided by the navigation system has information regarding the type of road and the direction in which the vehicle is currently moving. The warning system detects when a driver attempts to turn in the wrong direction on freeway approaches, at rest stops, in parking lots, at freeway junctions and on one-way streets. The electronic warning leads the driver back to the correct lane before it is too late.

This assistance system is another component of pro.pilot, the network of driver assistance systems from Siemens VDO with which the vehicle’s surroundings can be detected and analysed electronically.

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