World News: Nokia and WaveMarket sign worldwide OEM agreement for LBS

World News: Nokia and WaveMarket sign worldwide OEM agreement for LBS

Nokia and WaveMarket have signed an agreement to offer location-based tracking services to carriers worldwide.

This OEM and reseller agreement will bring WaveMarket's entire product suite to Nokia customers worldwide. Nokia will also integrate WaveMarket's patented WaveAlert technology into its iGMLC network infrastructure.

The first Nokia LBS application based on WaveMarket's technology is Nokia LBS Push, launched at the 3GSM World Congress.

WaveMarket's WaveAlert is the only platform offering active, as opposed to passive, alerting for increased location accuracy. For the first time, users can be notified when they are near something important to them.

With patented algorithms that predict the location of all tracked assets in the network in real time, WaveAlert improves the performance of alerting applications by actively requesting location information from the user's handset. In addition to dramatically reducing location polling rates and solving the problems associated with launching alert-based LBS, WaveAlert also reduces network costs.

Heikki Hemmi, director location business at Nokia Networks, said: “As location-based services gain momentum in the mobile device community, Nokia is dedicated to providing an innovative variety of tracking and location solutions for each demographic market.”

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