World News: NAVTEQ supports BMW’s ADAS

World News:  NAVTEQ supports BMW’s ADAS

BMW Group is to use NAVTEQ technology know-how and digital maps to detect and warn of vehicles heading into oncoming motorway traffic.

NAVTEQ has been working with BMW to develop software for the OEM’s new automatic system to warn drivers about vehicles travelling on the wrong side of the motorway.

NAVTEQ will also provide maps for the system, which gives an early warning that there is a vehicle potentially heading into oncoming motorway traffic, and can also warn nearby drivers equipped with traffic information systems.

Using this specially developed software, digital maps and its own navigation system, the car automatically registers any movement in the wrong direction, sends the driver a visual and acoustic alarm, and simultaneously warns other motorists via WiFi or WiMAX.

Driver assistance systems of this kind rely on digital maps that give information not just about the road itself, but about the whole environment.

NAVTEQ’s road attribute data includes precise and detailed information on bends, ascents and descents, exits, speed limits, temporary speed restrictions, and even the number of lanes.

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