World News: Inilex gives car owners control

World News:  Inilex gives car owners control

Inilex has launched a new end-user product – the Kepler Advantage – that enables consumers to control their vehicles wirelessly via any phone or the Internet.

The product plugs into the car’s data bus, allowing it to issue commands without the need for complicated wiring.

Users can retrieve various status and diagnostic reports or send commands to control various mechanical devices such as lock, unlock, start, ignition disable, and other user-convenient features

The QuickFence™ feature enables the customer to secure his vehicle, wherever it’s parked, using his cell-phone. The Kepler Security System locates the position of the vehicle, sets a virtual fence around it, and alerts the customer via SMS or e-mail if the vehicle moves outside the QuickFence.

The customer can then relay real-time information, such as speed and location, to the police, who prioritise a crime in progress over a crime already committed.

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