World News: HP and ProSyst to discuss lucrative opportunities in active vehicle safety

World News:  HP and ProSyst to discuss lucrative opportunities in active vehicle safety

Hewlett Packard’s Petra Wildemann and ProSyst’s Kai Hackbarth will join more than twenty other active safety professionals at the European Intelligent Vehicle Safety Summit in Frankfurt next month to discuss the revenue opportunities to be found in

Kai Hackbarth, product manager & chair of ProSyst’s OSGi Requirements Committee, will provide essential insight into how the USA has trialled, tested and planned its deployment roadmap, and how European players across the value chain can profit by following suit.

“This is an exciting time for the safety industry,” says Rayan Jawad, global event director for Telematics Update. “Europe has made excellent progress in V-2-X technology, but has yet to begin focusing on deployment strategies. What Kai can offer is real deployment planning experience and examples drawn from his personal work with the US Department of Transport.”

Petra Wildemann, worldwide director of FSI Insurance & Telematics at Hewlett Packard, will speak about insurers’ role and interest in active vehicle safety technologies. Using one of Hewlett Packard’s key clients as a case study, Petra will identify revenue streams for the European automotive industry above and beyond the standard value chain revenue model.

Telematics industry analyst Puja Pankhania comments: “Active safety, telematics and the insurance industry have significant overlap which provides new, innovative and profitable opportunities. Hewlett Packard has taken a leading role in this growing area, and Petra is the ideal speaker to provide this highly relevant and interesting angle on active safety.”

Hewlett Packard and ProSyst will join NAVTEQ, Jaguar, Form, BMW, Fiat, Volvo, Delphi, Continental, Austriatech, ESRI, IBM, ERTICO, Thatcham, Telematics Research Group and many other leading players in discussing how to progress and profit from the growing diversification of intelligent vehicle safety technologies across Europe.

The European Intelligent Vehicle Safety Summit 2008 takes place in Frankfurt on 11-12 March.

For more details on the summit, to register or apply for a free press pass to attend the event, or download the brochure and free industry reports, visit more information, contact Rayan Jawad at [email protected] or +44 (0) 207 375 7184.

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