World News: GreenRoad Technologies launches global company

World News: GreenRoad Technologies launches global company

GreenRoad has announced the launch of the company, along with its expansion into Silicon Valley (HQ) and the UK.

GreenRoad is focused on improving driver safety for fleets and insurance companies with its Safety Center solution, which, the company claims, reduces crashes by an average of 54%, cuts accident costs by an average of 65%, reduces high-risk driving behaviour by 50%, and improves fuel consumption by an average of 7% – without invading driver privacy.

Established in Israel five years ago, the company operated under the name of DriveDiagnostics during the testing phase, and has been testing its Safety Center solution for more than two years with pilot customers in the US, UK and Israel.

GreenRoad Safety Center uses a sensor in the car to collect information about driver skills, attitude, speed and the journey. The sensor detects 120 different driver manoeuvres in five categories: speed, braking, acceleration, lane-handling and turning.

GreenRoad’s research and development team spent five years developing algorithms that analyse the raw motion data and convert it into meaningful information about driver behaviour and patterns. When compared with driver safety statistics, these results were found to be accurate in predicting high-risk drivers.

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