World News: BMW TeleServ available this month

World News:  BMW TeleServ available this month

BMW’s new TeleServices system enables cars to automatically make service appointments and, in exceptional cases, detect a functional defect and its cause.

BMW TeleServices is an exclusive new system that is able to transmit vehicle data whenever required via a telephone line directly to the right addressee. For instance, in the case of upcoming service, the car automatically transmits the necessary data to the customer’s BMW Service Partner, and is also able to contact BMW Mobile Service for special breakdown assistance in the event of a functional defect.

BMW’s new TeleServices will be available in September 2007 on all new models in the BMW 6 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 1 Series, and the BMW X5, and in Germany, the BMW 7 Series.

BMW has offered remote services since 2003. However, the new TeleService transmits not only service related data, but also other important information on the current condition of the car, giving the BMW Service Partner a head-up on what would otherwise only be determined when the car is in the workshop.

The range of BMW TeleServices expanded for the 2008 model year comprises three function areas:

Automatic BMW Teleservice Call
Already available in Germany, Austria, France, the US and the UAE.

Interacting with BMW’s on-board Condition Based Service (CBS), the vehicle automatically determines the type of service required and when it is needed, and sends out an Automatic BMW Teleservice Call with all relevant data to the responsible BMW Service Partner.

Manual BMW Teleservice Call
Initially available in France

Customers have the option to use the system’s data transmission function to manually contact the BMW Service Partner for any specific service needs. Using this function, the driver also transmits all relevant information, enabling the BMW Service Partner to call back with a service quote.

BMW Teleservice Diagnosis
This includes BMW Teleservice Assistance

Drivers of BMW 6 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 1 Series or BMW X5 delivered in Germany, Austria or France are able to directly contact BMW Mobile Service, initiating a BMW Teleservice Diagnosis directly from the car.

Apart from CBS data, the car will also transmit any defect codes possibly detected at the time, giving BMW Mobile Service an opportunity to determine the reason for a defect and initiate appropriate action. It also enables the BMW Service Partner to decide whether BMW Teleservice Assistance is able to restore individual vehicle components and their proper function.

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