World News: BDS and Satamatics collaborate on GPS for rail

World News:  BDS and Satamatics collaborate on GPS for rail

Rail logistics software provider, Bourque Data Systems (BDS), and satellite-based telematics provider, Satamatics, have announced the successful network integration between the two companies.

BDS and Satamatics have worked together to accomplished the integration of Satamatics’ Inmarsat D+ satellite communications network with BDS’ RAILTRAC® for real-time railcar GPS location and asset monitoring, and several pilot programs are underway with large hazardous chemical shippers.

New RAILTRAC® GPS mapping and reporting functions are easy to interpret and will provide a set of robust warning indicators should a shipment fall out of spec.

With this integration, Satamatics and BDS will be able to deliver true visibility of hazardous material carrying railcars.

Brian Hester, president & COO of Satamatics, said: “Being able to locate a fleet or a single tank car carrying hazardous materials in minutes is an incredible tool in times of crises, and is completely within the technical capabilities of both the BDS software and the Satamatics hardware and satellite airtime services.”

With the equipment smaller than a lunch box, five-year battery life and real-time polling capabilities on a global basis, this technology has matured to the point where it’s affordable and completely warranted on all hazmat shipments, added Hester.

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