World News: ADAS market to reach 63 million units by 2013

World News:  ADAS market to reach 63 million units by 2013

Based on an extensive study into the various high technology advanced driver assistance systems, Strategy Analytics has released a new report – ADAS: Assessing Opportunities & Challenges.

The report reveals a current, low, 1% penetration rate for ADAS applications in light vehicle production -except for camera and parking assistance systems which already stand at 20%.

However, there is significant potential for future growth due to governmental concerns over the high rate of collision injuries, as vendors bring new developments to the market.

ADAS will also become easier and less costly to install, encouraging automakers to fit systems on more lower segment models, forecast to reach 10% penetration by 2013.

ADAS systems reviewed include adaptive cruise control, adaptive front lighting, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, parking assistance and pre-crash safety systems.

The study also looks into emerging applications such as driver attention, night vision, traffic sign recognition and the latest vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communication safety systems.

While systems prices decline, camera technology will improve to provide a valuable role in object recognition.

Strategy Analytics predicts the cost-effective development of different applications sharing the same sensor, as well as development of enhanced applications using a variety of different types of sensors, better known as “sensor fusion.”

“Vehicle makers and suppliers are focusing sharply on ADAS as they collaborate in developing new systems to meet the eSafety challenge of halving road traffic accidents by 2010,” says Kevin Mak, industry analyst of Strategy Analytics’ automotive electronics service.

According to Chris Webber, vice president of global automotive practice, semiconductors are a vital enabler for cost-effective ADAS development, and these applications will provide new revenue opportunities for automotive chip vendors.

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