World's first commercial ITS verification test completed in China

World's first commercial ITS verification test completed in China

Renesas provided the Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) terminal platform that implements WAVE communication – a new wireless communication technology, and confirmed the realisation of WAVE communication used in public buses.

Many efforts are currently underway worldwide to implement ITS that connect vehicles and roads with a network to resolve road and transportation problems such as traffic jams and road accidents.

High-capacity data communication between vehicles (V2V) and between traffic signal equipment, road information management systems and other roads/vehicles (V2I) are required to implement the ITS services such as ETC, GPS for car navigation systems, safe driving support systems and public transportation management services.

Efforts to promote ITS verification testing – aimed at practical implementation of ITS using the WAVE technology – have been ongoing for the past year. This is because WAVE can implement, in real-time, the high-speed/high-capacity communication required for image transmission, and it is regarded as the next-generation wireless technology capable of supporting car to car and road to car connections.

Last month's WAVE verification test in Changchun City used WAVE terminals located in three public buses, eight bus stops and a main street intersection, with information, including images acquired by cameras at the various sites, being exchanged between the WAVE terminals.

This was the first time that such a test has been carried out using commercially operated public buses on a regular route.

The scenes at the intersections were displayed on the monitor next to the bus driver's seat, enabling him to determine the state of traffic congestion.

The scene inside the bus was relayed to the Changchun Transit Authority (CTA), enabling it to see the degree of crowding as well as use the information for crime prevention.

The collection of this terminal data and real-time bus location information enables the CTA to estimate the bus arrival times and display this information at bus stops, and, ultimately, to achieve stable bus operations control by optimising the bus arrival intervals.

Renesas confirmed from the results of the verification test, and will provide an ITS terminal platform system with key devices and technological support to Changchun City, which is aiming at full deployment of a WAVE system.

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