Who wins the mobility race across one of the world’s busiest cities?

Just as the hare and tortoise each enjoyed special talents in their head-to-head competition, we decided to pit the varying advantages of three very different mobility solutions across England’s great and congested capital city.

Ahead of the TU-Automotive Europe 2015 conference in Stuttgart, the test was to ‘race’ to the Germany embassy in London from three equally distant sports venues, Wembley Stadium, the Olympic Stadium and Twickenham Stadium currently hosting the Rugby World Cup.

The team at Wembley chose Uber as their transport while our man at Twickenham used public transport and the Santander bikes and, finally, a team leaving the London’s East End Millennium used BMW’s Drive Now car sharing scheme.

We caught what should have been a simple race on film but, as the teams found out, it wasn’t all plain sailing…

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