Unboxing the Black-box of Connectivity for Automotive Industry

Date 10th November 2020
9:00 AM EST
Duration 1 hour
Sponsor Ericsson
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell, Principal Analyst - TU-Automotive; Magnus Gunnarsson, Head of Portfolio and Business Development Connected Vehicles - Ericsson

What if the car can become aware of the network quality and connectivity capacity before it chooses services priority? What if the vehicle OEM operations manager can have full transparency of connectivity management and can plan the service launch and management based on the best circumstances in the network? This can be the global OEM future reality.

It starts with the connectivity, with universal harmonized connectivity across the regions and networks. Building on this universal connectivity we make connectivity data insights possible. It can be translated into intelligence which secures that the right service is delivered at the right time at the right location.  “We will be able to tell the vehicle OEM when is the most optimal time to send any type of data to the car.”

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  1. Avatar Peter McNally 3rd November 2020 @ 5:28 pm

    I attempted to alert Nokia that cars and phones would be connected the same day Al Pacino cracked up on stage in New York when someone’s phone rang in the audience.

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