Behind the Scenes of a Safe and Automated Human-Like Highway Driving System

Date 3rd June 2020
2:00 PM ET
Duration 1 hour
Sponsor Qualcomm
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell, Principal Analyst - TU-Automotive, Dr. Ahmed Sadek, Sr. Director Engineering - Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Rajat Sagar, Director of Product Management - Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Behind the Scenes of a Safe and Automated Human-Like Highway Driving System

Driving a vehicle autonomously, efficiently and safely is the ultimate promise of highway autopilot systems. But because autonomous driving solutions deal with countless environmental conditions, they are significantly more complex than basic driver assist systems–which do not take control from the driver. In a highway autopilot scenario, for example, the system has to manage numerous functions including lane keeping, lane-change maneuvers, in-lane maneuvers, traffic jams, freeway interchanges, aggressive cut-ins from other vehicles, lane-splitting motorcycles, road profile estimation, and hazard detection. And in urban driving environments, the complexity increases exponentially, creating sizable algorithmic challenges and huge compute requirements for true human-like driving.

Join Qualcomm Technologies for an informative webinar on how next-generation, high-performance computing architectures are vital to helping drive development of safer, more capable autopilot systems.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How meeting these compute requirements within specific thermal envelopes is vital to affordable deployment
  • Why highway autopilot systems need sufficient computational horsepower to deal with unpredictable freeway environments
  • And why autopilot systems need enough performance for upgrades, scalability, and increasingly demanding driving scenarios and use cases

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