Entertainment and the Auto Industry – The Future of Infotainment 

Entertainment Webinar
Date 6th August 2020
Duration 1 hour
Featured Speakers 3Vision, Sony Pictures Entertainment, YouTube, Volkswagen Group of America, Cinemo  


 Entertainment and the Auto Industry – The Future of Infotainment

  • With both evolving independently how could these two very different industries work together in the future?
  • Will automakers be able to offer the same content in cars as consumers have in the home?
  • Will there be a chance for automakers to license specific content from the Hollywood studios or will it simply be a case of offering Netflix, Amazon Prime and other 3rd party services?
  • Should automakers start creating their own video content? Can content be tailored to journey duration?

Moderator: Ross Jones, Senior Manager,3Vision

  • Pete Wood, Senior Vice President of New Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Lawrence Kennedy, Product Lead, YouTube
  • Corey Spearman, Content Development Manager, Connected Services, Volkswagen Group of America
  • Ivan Dimkovic, Co-founder and VP Product, Portfolio ManagementCinemo  

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