VW Teams with Waze to Rediscover Driving Fun

Just as many are predicting the terminal decline of driving-for-fun, arch disrupter Waze is partnering with Volkswagen’s range of hot-hatch GTIs to bring exciting drive routes to UK consumers, writes Paul Myles.

The German automaker is launching its ‘GTI Superdrives’ program in association with Waze to help consumers locate 75 of the nation’s finest driving roads, as defined by driving data and in association with the app’s community of two million users and its Map Editors.

Discoverable in-app for a limited period over the late summer months, the GTI Superdrives have been selected by Waze’s team of data scientists after analysis and ranking of roads based on a number of key variables. GTI Superdrive routes are scenic, yet close enough to points of interest; have the right driving conditions, including engaging corners; low amounts of traffic; and low incident reports. Users need to look for a GTI badge when the app is active. If they are within 12 miles of a GTI Superdrive road, motorists will be able to tap on the badge to receive directions to the road.

If Waze users are not driving, they are able to find out more about the route and discover its ranking among the top routes. Once a GTI Superdrive has been located, the driver can simply follow in-app instructions to find the road. The scheme is targeted at owners of the Volkwagen up! GTI, the new Polo GTI and the iconic Golf GTI.

Alison Jones, director of Volkswagen UK, said: “Our GTI badge quite simply stands for driving joy. The three GTI models we offer today are among the most engaging cars available not just in the volume market but, in my view, at any price.

“Working with Waze, we wanted to offer more drivers the chance to get off the often congested ‘beaten track’ and instead experience the simple pleasure of driving once more.

“The aim, very clearly, is about enjoying time behind the wheel – not speeding or driving in a way that increases risk – and we believe that the intelligence of the Waze app helps drivers do just that. Of course, you don’t have to own a Volkswagen GTI to enjoy a GTI Superdrive, although the dynamic nature of the routes naturally lends itself to the dynamic capabilities of the brand’s three performance models.”

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