VW puts car-2-car communication to the test

VW puts car-2-car communication to the test

Volkswagen demonstrated tomorrow's technology in a Passat Variant TDI and a Golf GTI.

Research in car-2-car communication is being conducted to define a universal standard for communication between vehicles, as sharing information is expected to yield great improvements in road safety.

In the tests at the proving grounds in Dudehofen, the Passat and the Golf acted as a sender, receiver and transmitter. Ad-hoc networks based on wireless LAN technology exchanged data between the vehicles.

The following situations were simulated in the demonstration: motorcycle at an intersection, stationary vehicle, a construction site and police car in action.

Data access was provided by a ‘CarGate', which creates an abstract of the vehicle data, thus allowing simple access to a multitude of information, e.g. road speed, engine speed, wheel speeds or status of the hazard flashers.

Nine car manufacturers – Audi, BMW, , DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Honda, Opel, Renault, VW and Volvo – have joined forces in the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium (C2C CC), along with research and technology companies and universities.

One aim of this body is to develop a Europe-wide open industry standard for communications from car to car and between vehicles and infrastructure facilities. Beyond that, the C2C CC plans to push for the allocation of the requisite radio frequency to enable this, as well as developing and testing suitable radio communication systems.

BMW Group Research & Technology has been involved in the C2C CC right from the start. Two conditions need to be met in order to fully exploit the potential of car-to-x communication systems with nationwide deployment: A joint technology platform needs to be agreed for defining standard interfaces and a uniform radio frequency. The recently approved 5.9 GHz frequency band for applications of Car-to-X communication represents a key milestone for standardisation in Europe – as already in the US and Japan.

The vehicle manufacturers involved with the forum use cars, trucks and motorcycles to demonstrate traffic situations when car-to-x communication provides drivers with specific support, for example, in built-up areas where motorcycles or emergency vehicles are approaching crossroads. Car-to-x communication is also particularly effective at roadworks or in situations where vehicles have broken down.

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