Volvo: “Smartphones … create new behaviours and needs”

Volvo: “Smartphones … create new behaviours and needs”

What does your company do?

I am responsible for the cross-functional coordination of strategies, plans, and activities for Volvo Cars related to connectivity. We have organized this into a cross-functional HUB called Connectivity HUB, which I lead.

2010 has been a year of recovery. What services or trends have been integral to this period throughout the industry?

I think there are two trends influencing our plans. One is the huge success of smartphones, which creates new behaviours and needs. The other trend is, of course, the tough years we have had in the car industry, which drives us to consolidate our businesses.

What industry milestones have you recently achieved?

Volvo Cars is no longer part of the Ford Motor Company. We have a Chinese owner. Our presence in China, the car market with the most growth right now, will certainly change.

Which trends will impact the industry the most in the coming years and why?

The trend to always have updated information, which started with Internet on your PC and then went mobile with your smartphone. This will be introduced in cars at a very high degree and force OEMs to think outside the box.

How integral is Telematics Munich to the European telematics market?

My expectations are high to take part in an arena that consists of competence and with the possibility to make new and interesting contacts.

Which gadgets, gizmos, or cars are on your current wish list?

It would be nice to have a semi-transparent display function in rear windows connected to an augmented reality function for the entertainment of rear-seat passengers, such as kids. One example could be real-life games using the view together with augmented reality. I think my kids would feel more positive toward long-distance car travel if I had this function in my car.

Mikael Gustavsson will be speaking at Telematics Munich. For more information, check out Telematics Munich.

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