Volvo Partners with Nvidia for AVs

Volvo Partners with Nvidia for AVs

New Volvos will feature self-driving and ADAS tech from Nvidia, the automaker has announced.

Following Nvidia’s entry into AV simulation, Volvo says from the early 2020s onward, it will manufacture vehicles featuring the Californian hardware company’s DRIVE AGX Xavier, a microchip processor designed specifically for autonomous driving tasks. Volvo says these cars will also feature “Level 2+” ADAS systems. It claims the Xavier will enable it “to streamline development of self-driving capabilities while reducing total cost of development and support”, as well as “implement new connectivity services, energy management technology, in-car personalization options and autonomous drive technology”.

The project constitutes part of a wider AV tech joint venture between the two companies. They are collaborating on the development of various self-driving functions, including “360-degree surround perception and a driver monitoring system”.

Announcing the news, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang claimed: “Autopilot done right will bring a jump in safety and driving comfort. Your car will drive you and constantly watch out for you. Making this possible will require sensor architecture, AI software, computing and safety technology like nothing the world has ever made”.

Volvo Cars president and CEO Håkan Samuelsson spoke in similar terms about the Herculean scale of the task facing the two companies. He said: “A successful launch of autonomous drive will require an enormous amount of computing power, as well as constant advances in artificial intelligence”. He claimed the collaboration with Nvidia would assist his company in those areas.

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