Volvo Adds Mild-Hybrid Diesel to XC90

Volvo is adding a mild-hybrid ‘oil-burner’ powertrain to the XC90, the Chinese-owned Swedish automaker has announced.

This combines the existing 2.0liter diesel engine, developing 231bhp, with a 48-volt battery and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) comprising of a motor and converter and battery. Volvo has declined to mention battery size or motor power but, since it is a mild-hybrid, these numbers are likely to be small compared to a plug-in hybrid or pure electric vehicle.

The PHEV version of the XC90 has also been updated, with the battery now able to hold 11.8kWh of power, increasing the electric-only range from 21.7 miles to 28.6. Both updated variants can be ordered immediately via Volvo’s new online system.

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