Video: Strategy Analytics on looking for the ‘wow factor’ in telematics

Video: Strategy Analytics on looking for the ‘wow factor’ in telematics

In this video from the Consumer Telematics Show 2014, Roger Lanctot, associate director, automotive multimedia & communications service, Strategy Analytics, speaks with TU’s Robert Gray about his vision for things to come in the connected car space – from increasingly self-aware cars and advances in smartphone integration to the role of wireless carriers, smart home integration and the impact of Big Data companies.

On self-aware cars, Lanctot expects them to become increasingly knowledgeable about the driver’s activities and to begin anticipating problems, whether with the car or along a particular route chosen by the driver.

When it comes to smartphone integration, he says the sector is still waiting for a “gateway app” that would compel drivers to connect their smartphones, thus disabling them from handheld use while driving. According to him, that app could be Pandora Internet radio because “it’s so well-known and recognized and attractive value proposition.”

He sees wireless carriers as having “a very difficult task” when trying break into the connected car space beyond providing connectivity. Still, he sees opportunities in areas like enhanced speech recognition through HD voice, optimizing technologies for data transfers and finding ways to improve in-car cellular reception.

He says that smart home integration may sound “cool” but “probably 90% of the time it’s completely irrelevant.”

And he ends on the emergent role of IT companies, such as HP, IBM or Oracle. “It’s a long list actually and growing,” he says. “But they are the Big Data guys, and so they know how to aggregate data, secure data, interpret data, and they also have the global scale to support these Cloud-based solutions.”

Robert Gray is a regular contributor to Telematics Update.

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