Video: Bsquare, HTML5 and the predictive value of Big Data

In this video from the Consumer Telematics Show 2014, Andrew Harding, solutions architect, Bsquare, speaks with TU's Robert Gray about HTML5 and uncovering the hidden value of Big Data through predictive analytics.

“I think we are going to see an explosion of data, and we are going to see tremendous benefits coming back to customers because of that,” he says. According to him, the value of Big Data is in “that free association of data, it’s the guy at Target who figured out that women who buy large volumes of unscented lotion and unscented wipes are probably pregnant … or the guy that figured out that Diet Dr Pepper sells way better when the moon is full.”

“There are all these things that you can start doing that are unplanned, you [just] have to find the correlations,” he says.

Applied to the automotive, advanced mining of Big Data may improve services like predictive maintenance. But it may also change the way roads are policed, according to Harding. For example, “we don’t have to have a blanket [speed limit] because we had a study that said if you drive faster than this, it’s way more expensive and you are going to die,” he says. It may well be that a particular stretch of a road at a particular time of day may be safe to drive at up to 100 miles per hour, and Big Data could tell the difference.

Robert Gray is a regular contributor to Telematics Update.

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