USTelematics launches 4VDO™ mobilecast service

USTelematics launches 4VDO™ mobilecast service

As new WiMax services proliferate, such as those to become widely available in the recently announced Sprint, Clearwire, Google and Intel joint venture, USTelematics expects to become a key player in getting WiMax deployed en masse.

USTelematics CEO Howard Leventhal says that the market for WiMax is quite limited if you think only about connecting the remaining bandwidth-constricted rural areas in the US to broadband services. However, with more than 200 million cars in North America that stand to benefit from widely available high speed wireless Internet, WiMax takes on a whole new dimension.

USTelematics expects distribution of Voyager to accelerate WiMax deployment far beyond what is currently possible.

The company has begun building its 4VDO high bandwidth server infrastructure to enable the live television mobilecast service, and its technology platform will be designed to be hardware agnostic, serving both its own brand products and other mobile devices.

Initially intended to support delivery of live TV into vehicles equipped with USTelematics' Voyager Mobile IPTV hardware product, over the longer term, the 4VDO service is intended to become the online platform for transporting live audio and video programming into PDAs, smartphones and the web-connected devices that are expected to appear in cars as OEM-equipment over the next five years.

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