US Trade Rules to Know in the Automotive Industry in 2021

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview  features Leslie Alan Glick.  Mr. Glick is co-chair of the Butzel Long International Trade and Customs Specialty team. He is a specialist in international trade and customs for over 30 years, and is the author of 5 books on international trade and customs topics, including NAFTA and USMCA. He has given a series of seminars on USMCA-NAFTA 2.0. He is active in importer response to new tariffs under sections 232 and 301(have filed over 50 exclusion requests for clients) as well as complex country of origin rulings.  He works with US importers and exporters from Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Austria, France, Germany, China, Turkey, Japan and Vietnam.

In the 20-minute audio interview, Mr. Glick discusses these questions:

  • What are the major changes in the Biden Administration that affect trade policy, particularly for the automotive industry?
  • And who are the new Biden Administration “Cast of Characters” in the trade area?
  • What changes do you see in the U.S. approach to the World Trade Organization and to new trade agreements?

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