UK Mandates ‘Smart’ Home EV Chargers

All UK government-funded home charge points installed from July 1 have to be ‘smart’ as the UK tries to cut down on carbon emissions.

By being smart, the charge points can send, receive and interpret signals, enabling off-peak only charging times and reducing the requirements on the national grid. This in turn reduces costs to the consumerowing to the smart charger using cheaper, off-peak electricity.

The move is part of the government’s bid to reduce emissions, in accordance with its ‘Road to Zero’ strategy, introduced in 2018. This states that by 2040, carbon emissions from cars and vans must be effectively zero, while the target for 2050 is net carbon neutral for the entire country. The mandate applies to 200 chargers from 25 manufacturers while the government will continue its Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, where those installing an EV charger at home will be given up to £500 ($637) towards the cost of installation.

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