UK Charity Slams E-Scooters’ Danger to Public

UK Charity Slams E-Scooters’ Danger to Public

A UK road safety charity has hit out at electric scooters’ dangers to road users.

Following the UK Department for Transport (DfT)’s publication of the Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy report on its plans to overhaul transport regulations, IAM Roadsmart has said e-scooters can be “very unsafe” for both drivers and pedestrians when sharing roads with them. In the report, the DfT says it wants “to enable future trials” of “micro-mobility” services including e-scooters “without the need to change legislation each time”. It suggests such trials should be “locally limited” and road designs and traffic regulations may have to be reformed “to accommodate new vehicles”.

IAM Roadsmart has warned increased use of e-scooters “will lead to many people riding them on public roads alongside bigger and faster vehicles”, endangering all road users. It called for a “level of basic rider training and awareness” to be made compulsory for prospective e-scooter users and for “dedicated routes” to be established before trials of new transport methods are approved.

IAM Roadsmart director of policy and research Neil Greig said while his organization supports the “long-term approach to transport planning” the report claims the DfT will take, e-scooters “are simply not safe enough to be on our roads alongside full-size vehicles.” He added: “Mixing with pedestrians is also potentially very unsafe in shared areas. As with cycling, the answer probably lies in dedicated safe infrastructure for vulnerable road users. Allied to that there is an urgent need for more for rider training and clarification of their legal status … transport changes and trends are happening far faster than the network is developing to accommodate them.”


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