UIEvolution connects the smartphone with the car

UIEvolution connects the smartphone with the car

UIEvolution’s myCar application leverages its UIEngine middleware and Blender content management platform to connect rich mobile applications with the telematics capabilities in the car.

ThemyCar application provides a mobile portal experience that couples personalised owner services with access and control of the vehicle, leveraging the best capabilities of embedded telematics with the portability of a mobile device.

The myCar application connects localised guides to restaurants, events, weather and gas prices with remote management of vehicle features like door lock/unlock, long-range remote start and vehicle locator.

In addition, owners can monitor the health of their vehicles, view their owner’s manuals, schedule service appointments and review their service histories, all from the screens of their mobile devices.

“The UIEvolution myCar application enables vehicle owners and passengers to receive real-time updates and dynamic content for current and future services,” said Chris Ruff, CEO of UIEvolution. “Auto makers are empowered to deliver robust content to their drivers, continually enhancing the customer’s relationship with the vehicle, the dealer and the manufacturer in ways never before possible.”

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