Toyota’s Long-Range Trucking Fuel Cell Ready to Launch

Toyota claims to have succeed in miniaturizing a powerful fuel cell system suitable for long range heavy duty trucks.

Its new system is aimed at applications where high output and range are vital, such as buses, trucks, trains, ships and stationary energy generators. The new module is expected to go on sale to fuel cell product manufacturers from spring 2021 or later.

This product employs elements from the second generation Mirai (pictured) and promises an all-new passenger car is due for launch in Europe later in 2021. The FC stack and components for air and hydrogen supply, cooling and power control, have been brought together in single, compact module. Four versions will be available: vertical (Type I) and horizontal (Type II) with outputs of 60 or 80kW.

The new module has a 400-750V range and can be connected directly to an existing electric device equipped with a motor, battery and inverter, thanks to a built-in, dedicated boost converter. This simplifies the development and manufacture of fuel cell products. In addition, the system’s modular design improves convenience. The four modules can be combined according to the application, with flexibility that allows for adaptation according to the output level and the space available for installation.

The modular concept eliminates the need for drawing up designs for individual installation and connection of fuel cell system-related components. It also integrates and reduces the number of points where the module has to be connected to a device, allowing for easy installation.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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