Thumbs down for EV despite UK government push

Consumers are displaying a lot less enthusiasm for electric vehicles than carmakers and regulators, a UK survey has revealed, reports Paul Myles.

As the government unveils its Road to Zero plan to reduce emissions and improve the nation’s EV charging infrastructure, a research claims just 15% of those surveyed said they will be switching to an EV or hybrid vehicle when they buy a car or choose an alternative company vehicle while and nearly 50% said they can’t imagine considering such a commitment for another 10-15 years, if not longer.

The findings in the study run by Venson Automotive Solutions are a blow to the zero emissions vehicle plan especially considering that just a year ago, 85% of motorists surveyed by the company said they would seriously consider buying an EV, following news from Total and Shell that they would be installing more charging points.

Now 19% said they would refuse to switch until there is no other option available to them. Charging and mileage range remain the biggest deterrents for motorists followed by potential vehicle range.

Alison Bell, a director for Venson Automotive Solutions comments: “The UK government’s plans to increase the number of zero and ultra low emissions vehicles on the roads, along with its pledge to ban the sale of cars and light duty vans with internal combustion engines by 2040, are bold but must be supported by the industry and the general public equally.

“Clearly more needs to be done to make information relating to the ownership costs of an EV more readily available. This was an overriding conclusion of the survey we conducted last year, so it’s disappointing to learn that it still needs addressing. Fleet managers, car retailers, manufacturers and insurers all have a part to play in achieving this. Only one-in-10 company car drivers said they lacked clarity in terms of EV as a company car option, suggesting that a clear communication strategy in terms of the benefits of an EV for an employee, is making headway in promoting knowledgeable ownership.”

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