The Eyes have it for Subaru's tech hungry customers

Subaru has reported huge demand for its EyeSight driver assist system with 85% take-up in its Japanese home market.

This week it announced a new milestone with the sale of the 300,000th vehicle with EyeSight technology which employs cameras to monitor the road and traffic ahead for potential hazards.

Now the EyeSight driver assist system has been launched in the UK as standard with the all-new Subaru Outback when equipped with Lineartronic transmission. For its market in Japan, Subaru expects around three quarters of Outbacks sold to be fitted with EyeSight; the technology is due to be introduced to other models in the Subaru range in the coming years.

Subaru’s EyeSight system acts as a ‘second pair of eyes’ for drivers, employing stereo colour camera technology to detect other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and slowing or stopping the car when necessary. The technology incorporates autonomous Pre-collision Braking Control and Pre-collision Throttle Management, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure & Sway Warning.

EyeSight has been welcomed from a safety perspective all around the globe, with vehicles equipped with the technology achieving the top Advanced Safety Vehicle-Plus (ASV+) under the Japan New Car Assessment Program’s preventive safety performance assessment. The Outback has also been awarded five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, with particular praise for the vehicle’s hazard avoidance technology. Subaru’s ‘all-around safety’ development mantra will ensure that Subaru’s active, passive and pre-crash safety technologies undergo continuous improvement with each new model.

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