Tesla’s Musk Pushes Robo-Taxis in 2020

Tesla’s Musk Pushes Robo-Taxis in 2020

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said his company will begin operating fully self-driving taxi services next year.

He made the fanciful claim in a 2.5-hour presentation to investors at the company’s headquarters. He claimed a computer chip is being rolled out to current Tesla owners that will allow them to add their vehicles to a company network and operate them as autonomous taxis in select cities from 2020. Carnegie Mellon University engineering professor Raj Rajkumar was quick to dismiss the idea as a “pipe dream” sold by the “over-promising” CEO, AP reported.

Musk unveiled the computer chip for full self-driving at the presentation, explaining that it is already being introduced in new Model 3, Model S, and Model X Teslas and boasted that it is “the best in the world”, according to The Verge. However, he admitted that this computer chip could cause accidents when the cars are being driven autonomously, for which Tesla will be liable.

Musk also dismissed LiDAR systems as “stupid” and claimed companies like Waymo and Cruise Automation were “going to dump” them. Tesla recently announced autonomous parking and lane-changing updates to its Autopilot system.

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