Telmap releases Navigator 4.5


Features include the use of cell data location when GPS is not available, better mapping functions, integration of public transport data, dynamic content deck empowering operators to dynamically offer mobile content, a new and improved traffic feature.

Combining cell location data with GPS positioning allows the user to ‘see' where they are even inside buildings and in urban canyons. While the technology itself is not new, the combination between Cell ID and GPS positioning provides a consistent location to the user and also allows operators to utilize their network assets to give the user a better experience.

Telmap is the first supplier of personal mobile location services that delivers true multi-modal navigation, with public transportation data integrated onto the data systems that feed Telmap's Andromeda platform. With this data, Telmap's new Walk & Ride offers users several route and transport mode options, and provides directions in map format with voice instructions.

The advanced traffic feature allows users to view several optional routes based on traffic conditions and estimated travel times.

Telmap's Dynamic Content Deck gives carriers unlimited flexibility in determining what content to deliver, when to launch content, and how to display the data.

Beginning with Navigator 4.5, Telmap is opening up the mobile navigation platform, making the Telmap Andromeda platform API and Telmap Navigator API available for third party developers. Telmap's commercial API Program is immediately available to technology providers, wireless carriers and developers.

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