Telenor Connexion deploys eSIM

Telenor Connexion deploys eSIM

The dedicated eSIM, based on Telenor Connexion's and Swedish Strålfors' patented eSIM-solution, is tailored to the specific needs of the M2M market and customised for integrated communications in industrialised environments such as vehicles and machines.

The eSIM offers improved SIM reliability in harsh environments, improved assembly efficiency for industrial large-scale production and design efficiency through its smaller footprint.

Altogether, the eSIM improves product quality, reliability and cuts costs.

Over the past two years, the two companies have been working on various implementations of the eSIM that meet the needs of the M2M market, in fields such as the automotive industry, vending machines and industrial metering.

The eSIM is directly integrated within the M2M communicating module at manufacturing stage, which eliminates manual operation and significantly reduces the related costs.

The secure personalisation process handled by Strålfors with Gemalto's support is performed either before or after the card has been incorporated into the module, affording M2M players greater flexibility in managing subscriptions.

Furthermore, since the card is welded inside the module, it cannot be stolen nor misused.

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