Telematics Update talks to Andrius Rupsys, general manager of Ruptela

Telematics Update talks to Andrius Rupsys, general manager of Ruptela

How do you differentiate your offerings from your competitors?

As we offer all the necessary components for a fully functional system, our partners benefit from fastest time to market. Also, we have an in-house development team so we are able to tailor the solution to our customers or even implement their existing tracking hardware into the Trust-Track system. Additionally, we prepare complete branding for our partners, so they can introduce the solution to the market as their own product.
Having a number of end customers in our local markets, we know their requirements and every day we develop new features for Trust-Track software, which keeps our solutions advanced and up to date. As the hardware and software is developed and produced in Lithuania, lower production costs allow us to offer attractive prices for the solution.

What partnerships are you currently forging?

We are looking for long-term cooperation with partners already working in the monitoring business or just planning to start it, partners looking for a new solution or one that could replace or improve an existing one. There are several levels of Trust-Track usage, so even a young company just beginning in the monitoring business can start by renting software and later purchasing a server license when they feel they are ready. Currently, we are working on a route optimization module that will be a huge improvement for end customers like utility companies or couriers.

Which trends will impact the industry the most in the coming years and why?

In our opinion, end customers will demand more map-based functionalities, like truck attributes or speed profiles. Links with other systems, such as ERM, will be important, too.

You were an integral part of our Fleet & Asset Management event in Europe a few weeks back. Could you tell us how useful the show was for you?

The event was a great opportunity for us to keep up with today’s market, hear which direction we should follow in order to make sure our solutions cover all the requirements our end customers and partners may have. This event was also good meeting point, as we met new and existing partners and that helped us improve our business prospects and strengthen relationships.

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