Telematics Update Pioneering Partnerships

Telematics Update Pioneering Partnerships


In Spain, car insurer Generali Seguros and Telefónica launched “Pago como conduzco,” a pay as you drive solution that collects data from the car via an embedded device, then determines rates based on the number of kilometers driven, whether these were covered by day or night, in city areas or between cities, within speed limits and how they accelerate or brake.

Generali is hoping to cater to young drivers, who often face exorbitant insurance rates in the Spanish market. A mobile app and a website allow drivers to track their rates and provide ongoing tips to drivers to improve their driving and minimize their rates. Generali already offers a similar service in Italy, where it partners with Octo Telematics and Cobra.

In the infotainment arena, NXP Semiconductors became one of Delphi Automotive’s strategic core suppliers. The agreement encompasses a variety of automotive semiconductor applications in NXP’s SAF775x family, including infotainment and networking solutions.
“Delphi’s primary objective is to make automotive products smarter and safer as well as more powerful and efficient,” says Troy Zerbe, vice president of Global Supply Management for Delphi’s Electronics & Safety division.

With so many leading telematics companies forming key alliances, it is clear that partnerships have become crucial to driving the mass consumer uptake of telematics services. Ruthana Foulkes, project director for Telematics Update stresses the importance for the automotive telematics industry to work together. “There is a massive opportunity for telematics companies and the rest of the value chain to make connectivity in the vehicle a must-have. As insurance telematics steps up, and infotainment us now also being used for enhanced CRM systems, Communication with industry peers is fundamental.”

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