Telematics Update: Insurance Telematics Box Helps Police Close Attempted Murder Case

Telematics Update: Insurance Telematics Box Helps Police Close Attempted Murder Case

Having had a crash minutes before the incident, the assailant was linked to the attack, thus forcing a conviction. Whilst this is undoubtedly an obscure use of telematics data, the auto-insurance industry is starting to wake up to the potential of offering customers lower premiums by analysing their risk through acceleration, braking and cornering habits.

Growth of Insurance Telematics Brings Down Premiums…And Crime

Without the device fitted in the car, this conviction would not have happened. If the attack had taken place 2 or 3 years previously, this would have been the reality and a dangerous person would still be on the streets. Many countries are waking up to the possibilities of insurance telematics to lower premiums and make the roads we drive on safer.

Jack Palmer, Project Director at Telematics Update noted, “This is clearly a more unusual use of telematics but one that should be applauded and recognised for the conviction that it has forced. While insurance telematics is developing strongly in the UK and US, we are at an important crossroads in other 1st world economies, such as Canada. We have already seen UBI launches from Industrielle Alliance and Desjardins and we are set to see many more across the Canadian P&C market in the next few months and years. Technology companies are battling to prove that their solutions hold the key for insurers to entice new customers to their services. Expect big announcements soon!”

This exciting issue will be discussed in more depth at Insurance Telematics Canada 2014, Canada’s most focused gathering for the insurance telematics industry. This year will see over 100 executive attendees and 30+ expert speakers come together to discuss the most pressing challenges relating to regulatory, data, fleet management and business case considerations.

As well as monitoring driver behaviour, our esteemed speakers will dissect key topics including:

  • Smartphone Vs. Dongle: The Battle of the Aftermarket
  • New Data Standards to Accelerate the Canadian Market
  • Wireless Carriers Find their UBI Niche
  • Broker Networks: A Crucial Step for Consumer Uptake
  • Entrenching the Canadian market
  • And more sessions addressing business model and content/app integration challenges

Seniority Level of Speakers Previously at our Insurance Telematics Events:

  • Dave Pratt, General Manager Usage Based Insurance, Progressive Insurance
  • Erin Bellot, SVP Commercial Product Manager, Liberty Mutual
  • Chris Parker, AVP Product Underwriting, Zurich

A more complete list of speakers can be found here:

Testimonials and Tributes from the Industry

Of our Insurance Telematics Conferences, a representative from MiXTelematics stated, “Excellent content, great networking opportunities and open and honest discussion regarding insurance telematics”

Trimble MRM added: “A ground-breaking conference bringing together those actively involved in insurance telematics”

About Telematics Update:

Telematics Update Conferences are the most prestigious in the industry. We produce the largest telematics events in North America, Europe & Asia, and attract the most influential speakers providing a rich environment for establishing strategic relationships and networking.

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