TCS HOBS™ Electric Vehicle Charging Solution


The automobile industry stands at the threshold of a revolution as electric vehicles (EV) are expected to outsell their fossil fuel counterparts by 2035. Automobile manufacturers all over the world are battling several issues in setting up a robust EV charging ecosystem. Poor charging infrastructure and manual processes in the operations department lead to unnecessary delays and inefficiency.

Manufacturers need more than just a good electric vehicle, but also a solution that provides a customer-friendly experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • End-to-end management: Provides the option of product management, customer relationship management and order management on one platform instead of in multiple disconnected systems
  • Seamless ecosystem integration: Ensures simple adoption and integration of the new charging ecosystem with existing partners
  • Ease of operations: Enables seamless operations for charging management, customer management and partner management teams
  • Mass customization: Allows mass personalization for consumer and fleet, make and type of the electric vehicle, as well as location and type of charging station

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