Tata Switches to High Performance, High Cost EV Motor

Tata Motors is switching focus with its EV motors aiming to improve range and performance.

It has announced the use of a permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor in its new line of electric vehicles to replace the AC induction motor it has employed so far. Tata’s previous EV, the Tigor EV, had a 30kW 72V AC induction motor paired with a 16.2kWh battery, giving it a range of 88 miles. The new range, named Ziptron, using a PMAC motor claims to have a minimum range of 155 miles with fast charging capability and the first model is due to go on sale next year.

It is claimed a PMAC motor is more efficient than an AC induction motor and delivers more dynamic power. It can also be more compact, however, it is more costly to build and could drive up the cost of EVs and see the technology aimed more at the premium end of the market.

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