14th November 2016

Weekly Brief: Google signals the end of carmakers’ control over the dashboard

Google launched version 2.0 of Android Auto and, in doing so, put the automotive aftermarket on high alert. The updated app now makes Android Auto available directly on smartphones. That...


23rd September 2016

Number crunching on a huge scale could spread UBI

If usage-based insurance (UBI) hasn’t yet become the Next Big Thing, as many of its proponents have been predicting for years, it’s not because it is a bad idea....


23rd August 2016

Weekly Brief: Ford vows to produce mainstream robot car by 2021

A century ago Ford revolutionised the automotive industry with the advent of the assembly line and its first mainstream product, the Model T. Fast forward a hundred years and...


15th August 2016

Weekly Brief: Millions of VW vehicles vulnerable to wireless key hack

Have a Volkswagen? Better buy a steering wheel lock. Researchers at the University of Birmingham, in concert with German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald, have found a wireless hack...


8th August 2016

Weekly Brief: Uber caves in to Chinese rival

After two years of haemorrhaging money in China, upward of a $1Bn (£764M) a year, Uber sold off its entire Chinese division to its chief Chinese rival Didi Chuxing....


27th June 2016

Weekly Brief: Smoke-and-mirrors act to turn Tesla into a green energy company

Imagine this: you go to buy a new electric vehicle (EV) and it comes with an optional solar panel for the roof of your home. That's the magical vision...


6th June 2016

It’s a nightmare for ‘Suicide Seb’ at Mcity!

As far as vehicle transportation is concerned, the city of the future is here. Appropriately located not far from Detroit is Mcity, an outdoor testing facility for connected and...


22nd February 2016

Weekly Brief: ‘Birthplace of Time’ to become UK testing hub for driverless tech

Beep beep, out of the way Meridian. Move over Mean Time. There’s a new boss in Greenwich, London: the self-driving car. The UK has made no secret of its...


22nd January 2016

Connected cars get retro

The connected car revolution is an exciting development in the history of transportation. Those of us who own older vehicles models, however, might be feeling a bit left behind....


9th November 2015

Weekly Brief: Toyota creates new company for autonomous tech with $1Bn pledge

In this week’s Brief: Toyota, Toyota Research Institute, Stanford University, MIT, Octo Telematics, Daimler, WirelessCar, Sygic, Parkopedia, Zubie, Verizon, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, DocuSign andVisa. So much...


2nd April 2015

Autonomous & Connected: Better Together

If you are going by a strict definition of autonomous, then a truly autonomous vehicle will navigate roadways by means of onboard systems – cameras, radars, sensors and computers....


13th February 2015

The Road to the Connected Fleet of the Future Part 2

One major way fleets will benefit from enhanced data about road usage is likely to come from usage-based insurance schemes, or UBI. In the United States, Verizon Telematics, the...