University of California

5th February 2019

AVs Will Add to City Congestion, Study Suggests

Driverless cars will only add to traffic congestion as they cruise city streets as robotic versions of cab drivers looking for the next fare. That’s the suggestion made in...


17th January 2019

UC Study Recommends Charging EVs for Miles Driven

Electric cars might run cleaner, but road repairs are still paid for by gasoline taxes. Now, a University of California study recommends a fairer way for the state to...

11th January 2019

Charged with Controversy: BEV Versus Fuel Cell

The road to clean emission vehicles has some bumps and turns in it with divergent opinions on what is the best course to take. Some of the main roadblocks...

By Lynn Walford


1st June 2018

EVs may be the future but it’s not anytime soon

The challenges facing electrification of transport explored by Susan Kuchinskas. Udelv’s autonomous truck recently delivered groceries from a local market to two customers in San Mateo, California. Udelv says...


9th April 2018

AI Startup DeepScale Closes $15M in Series A Funding

DeepScale specializes in software that helps process the information gathered by various autonomous driving sensors, improving accuracy – and safety – as a result.


28th April 2017

Radicals are bit players in car of the future

2030 is not that far away in car-platform years. Some experts say the 2030 model year vehicles are already on some designers’ drawing boards. The biggest influences dictating design,...


4th November 2016

Explosion of car sharing in Asia on the way

The latest report, What’s Ahead for Car Sharing from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released in February 2016 reads: ‘By 2021, 35M users will sign-up for 1.5Bn minutes of driving...


4th November 2016

Fossils could be key to future Li-ion EV batteries

“To improve the adoption of EVs, we need much better batteries,” says researcher Mihri Ozkan of the University of California-Riverside. “We believe diatomaceous earth, which is abundant and inexpensive,...