22nd August 2018

LexisNexis Patent Extends Connected Car Data Coverage

A US data aggregation specialist is claiming a global connected car coverage of 60% of vehicle production with the addition of a sixth patent for its technology. LexisNexis Risk...


14th July 2017

UBI to strengthen the consumer and insurer bond

The adoption of telematics based insurance has only just begun in France and poses some very special challenges to UBI providers. Some of the cheapest motoring insurance premiums in...


30th June 2017

‘Bad’ drivers and the future of UBI

UBI optimists say that telematics insurance is about to enter its long-expected golden age, during which the proliferation of new cars with factory-embedded connectivity will help the product join...


15th September 2016

Video: Keeping pace with meaningful data is a key for UBI


26th August 2016

Telematics still suffers from a data disconnect

Automakers and insurance providers have the potential to collect a fair amount of data but most of that info comes without context. This makes it difficult to determine if...


29th July 2016

Connected cars as the game-changers in UBI

Persistently connected cars, already coming into the market, provide much more data that can be used by insurers for evaluating risk. But they’ll shake up the UBI industry for...


6th May 2016

Sell UBI tech cheap and stack the policies high!

UBI will only spread further than the young or high risk driver market if the technology can be made available cheaply. That’s the opinion of Paul Stacy, telematics director...


29th April 2016

Digital’s follow-my-leader business model will boost UBI

Carmakers will have to take the lead role in the future success of UBI by operating data sharing business models similar to those seen in the digital world. That’s...


22nd April 2016

UBI should be an easy sell on its own merits

Insurers need to recognise the power of UBI as a service and stop assuming it should be discounted. That’s the opinion of Amodo’s CEO, Marijan Mumdziev, who sees growth...


11th March 2016

Insurance for an ‘Uber’ world

In November of 2014, the San Francisco Chronicle published quotes from leaked Geico internal documents encouraging insurance agents to refer policy holders who drove for Uber or Lyft to...


19th February 2016

Cutting in the middleman for data handling

While the promise of usage-based insurance (UBI) is great, penetration in the United States is not so great. At Insurance Telematics USA 2015 conference in Chicago, David Lukens, director...


29th January 2016

A helping hand at the accident scene can build customer loyalty

According to Jeff Blecher, senior vice-president of strategy for Agero, insurers must start focussing on how to achieve a holistic accident management approach using the latest connected car technologies...