TU-Automotive Detroit

13th June 2016

Weekly Brief: TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 grabs the connected car headlines

In this week’s Brief: TU-Automotive Detroit, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Octo Telematics, State Auto, Movimento, Sierra Wireless, Qualcomm, INRIX, PayByPhone, Symantec, Nissan Airbiquity, Infiniti, VoiceBox, INRIX Open Car...


22nd May 2015

In law, Tomorrowland’s another day – Part II

A big part of what makes driverless vehicles attractive is their promise to drastically reduce the number of automotive accidents, which cost the world 1.2M lives every year. That's...


Cybersecurity and data are hot topics for TU-Automotive Detroit
18th May 2015

Cybersecurity and data are hot topics for TU-Automotive Detroit

What are the key new topics for TU-Automotive Detroit this year? There seems to be growing interest in the concept of Connected Mobility. Also, automotive cybersecurity seems to be...


30th April 2015

Better Connections: EVs and a Bigger, Smarter Grid

Automakers like Ford and utility companies like Pacific Gas & Electric are working hard to make sure EVs get connected to the Smart Grid in smart ways to fulfill...


16th April 2015

Car makers gearing up to woo Millenials

Even though the Millenials might still be a few years away from buying new, connected cars in significant numbers, they're a group car manufacturers have had fixed firmly in...


23rd January 2015

Big Data Means Big Possibilities

In 2013 in excess of 480 terabytes of data was collected from more than 26 million connected cars according to an IHS Automotive study. With an estimated collection of 11.1...


16th January 2015

Gotta Get Connected

“Connectivity is a basic human need,” Andrea Sroczynski, head of Global Automotive at Telenor, told the more than 1,100 participants at the Telematics Munich 2014 conference. In just six...


5th December 2014

Uneven Pavement Ahead: Regional Planning for Connectivity in the U.S

priceline.com’s president and CEO Jeffery H. Boyd spoke about several pricing and distribution-related issues during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call.