Tesla Privatization Probably Wouldn’t Affect Its Cars or Technology
8th August 2018

Tesla Privatization Probably Wouldn’t Affect Its Cars or Technology

If CEO Elon Musk follows through on an audacious plan to take Tesla private, the move will likely not change the company's plans for autonomous vehicles or other projects.


2nd August 2018

Tesla Readies ‘Onramp to Offramp’ for Autopilot & Promises Profit

During its second-quarter earnings call, Tesla engineers offered numerous updates on the company's technology roadmap, including Autopilot, while CEO Elon Musk promises more profits in the months ahead.


11th July 2018

Tesla’s Shanghai Plant Reportedly to Produce 500K Vehicles Per Year

Tesla is struggling to meet production targets at home, but that hasn't stopped Elon Musk and his company from setting much higher goals for a proposed Chinese plant.


20th June 2018

Elon Musk: Employee Sabotage Damaged Tesla Production System

In a memo to Tesla employees, CEO Elon Musk claims internal sabotage has damaged the car company's systems. It's also put a spotlight on cybersecurity within the auto industry.


14th June 2018

Tesla’s Musk Promises Autopilot Upgrade for August

Tesla could use some good PR right about now, leading CEO Elon Musk to Twitter to tell the world about an August Autopilot update.


1st June 2018

Tesla Crash Raises Concerns Over Autopilot ADAS Feature

Two consumer watchdog groups have called on the California DMV to investigate Tesla's marketing practices related to its ADAS system Autopilot.


3rd May 2018

Elon Musk: Teslas Could Reach Autonomy in Late 2019

In announcing the company's first-quarter results, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a bold prediction that the company's vehicle could achieve autonomy by the end of 2019. Musk also defended...


1st May 2018

Tesla Owner Lets Autopilot Drive, Gets Banned from the Road

In the UK, Tesla owner Bhavesh Patel showed that the company's Autopilot feature is sometimes more trouble than it's worth.


16th April 2018

Tesla Can Now Pool Traffic Data for Better Routes

In an effort to crowdsource for customers, Tesla has introduced new navigation software that get help drivers with directions and alert them of traffic and road hazards. It's Elon...


13th April 2018

Tesla Again Blames Driver in Autopilot Crash

In a statement to a local TV station, Tesla appeared to put the blame on the driver and not on the company's Autopilot technology. This promoted a spat between...


5th April 2018

AV START Bill Under Fire Following Uber, Tesla Crashes

Following a pair of fatal crashes involving Uber and Tesla vehicles, US Sen. Richard Blumenthal and consumer advocacy groups are looking to bolster the safety and reporting standards of...


4th April 2018

Worried About Autopilot? Driver Assistance Is Going Mainstream

The fatal crash involving a Tesla last week is putting the company's Autopilot software under the microscope. However, this type of technology is becoming more mainstream every day.