7th September 2018

Day Two: Connected Car Insurance USA 2018

Is customer experience the key to insurance success? Susan Kuchinskas reports. The second day of the Chicago conference had a strong focus on consumer experience, that somewhat elusive concept...


1st December 2017

UBI and driver behaviour: what really works?

Data results show driver feedback within UBI programmes do result in reductions in the behaviours used to assess risk yet there remains of plenty of room to grow, not...


4th August 2017

More tech to stop tech-related road deaths

2016 was a deadly year to be on the road in the US – according to provisional estimates from the National Safety Council, there were 40,200 traffic fatalities in...


24th July 2017

Weekly Brief: Lyft self-driving division closes gap with Uber

Lyft wakes up to the fact that it needs its own self-driving tech to compete in the future of ridesharing. Andrew Tolve reports. Six months of scandals, dustups and...


12th December 2016

Weekly Brief: Audi takes V2I mainstream in Las Vegas

It may not sound all that glamorous but Audi’s new Traffic Light Information feature represents a bellwether moment for V2I communication. Andrew Tolve reports. Think about a time when,...


8th September 2016

Connected Car Insurance USA 2016: Day One Blog

In the first day of the conference, Chicago lived up to its name as the Windy City – appropriate given the winds of change that are blowing harder at...