16th July 2019

Toyota Reaches For Stars With Fuel Cell Mission

Toyota is reaching for the stars to prove its hydrogen fuel cell technology with its plan to build a lunar rover. It’s also something of a quiet homage to...


11th July 2019

Toyota BEV Move Because ‘Consumers Now Ready’

Toyota believes European customers are now ready for BEVs and that’s why it has finally moved into the sector. However, speaking to TU-Automotive at FISITA Plus 2019 in London,...


14th June 2019

Le Mans Lops Hybrid Power for 2021

In a bid to reduce costs for race teams, the iconic Le Mans endurance race will demand lower performance from hybrid powertrains. Its new regulations will see a downgrade of...


7th June 2019

Toyota Pledges 10 New EVs to Boost Customer Adoption

Toyota is pitching to boost EV take up with a strategy to bring 10 new electrified vehicles to market in the next two or three years. It has also...


5th June 2019

TU-Automotive Awards 2019: Honoring innovation, incredible success and unparalleled achievements

The hottest awards show of the year commenced on the evening of June 4, 2019. Bringing together the best, most innovative and most accomplished OEMs, Tier 1s, startups and...

Louis Bedigian


22nd May 2019

5G Verses DSRC Bun Fight Has Long Way To Go

Earlier this month the European Parliament ratified draft rules by the bloc’s executive body, the European Commission to endorse WiFi-based communications standards between connected vehicles. While the technology is...

10th May 2019

University Claims Fuel Cell Breakthrough Making Them Cheaper Than ICE

A Canadian university is claiming to have cracked the problem of cost hampering wide-scale adoption of fuel cell technology. Researchers from the University of Waterloo claim their fuel cell...


3rd May 2019

Carmakers Must Hunt For Autonomous Innovators, Says Toyota

Toyota’s US investment arm has created a $100M war-chest in its hunt for innovators to in AI related driverless and robotics technology. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Toyota...


1st May 2019

5G Could Be Too Busy For Mission Critical Auto Roles

It’s an article of faith for many involved in the assisted/autonomous driving space that 5G wireless technology is mission critical. Like any technology, though, it isn’t perfect; there are...

By Eric Volkman


29th April 2019

Weekly Brief: China Propels Hydrogen Into Auto Mainstream

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has solidified an important new ally in the Chinese government. Last week word came out of Beijing that China is committed to investing in, promoting...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


24th April 2019

Toyota’s Market-Ready Fuel Cell Trucks For California Ports

After extensive tests of hydrogen fuel cell trucks, Toyota has unveiled its first market-ready vehicle. Developed by in partnership with the Kenworth Truck Company, it’s the first of 10...


23rd April 2019

5G Extracts More V2X Revenue From Consumers Than DSRC

Top spot as the future dominant technology in the connected car world is still uncertain as dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and 5G LTE wireless slug it out. Yet, as...