28th October 2019

Weekly Brief: Hyundai and Toyota Spar for Self-Driving Street Credibility

Let’s not overdo it on the Hyundai hype.  Last week the carmaker announced that it plans to launch a free robo-taxi service in Irvine, California, starting November 4, 2019....

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


17th October 2019

Toyota Unveils Production-Ready Ultra Compact City BEV

Toyota looks like joining the race for micro BEV urban transportation with the launch of a new, production-ready, vehicle at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The car, joins others...


16th October 2019

Toyota Shows ICE in Hybrids Has Long Way to Go

Toyota’s fourth generation Yaris shows that ICE technology will be on the road for some time yet in its role in modern hybrid systems. That’s because its latest 1.5-liter...


11th October 2019

Toyota’s Latest BEV Urban AV Concept Unveiled

Toyota has released details of its latest iteration of an urban personal mobility solution in the shape of its LQ concept. The car will be shown at the 2019...


11th October 2019

Toyota Keeps Hydrogen Faith With New Mirai

Toyota has reaffirmed its commitment to hydrogen fuel cell powertrains with the world debut of its second generation Mirai whose makeover is decidedly sporting. The saloon will be unveiled...


4th October 2019

Toyota’s Final Le Mans Winning Hybrid Powertrain Revealed

Toyota has released images of its most powerful LMP1 hybrid powertrain as a final hurrah for its Le Mans winning model’s last season of competition. The Toyota Gazoo Racing...


1st October 2019

Toyota C-HR Gets Hybrid Powertrain Boost

Toyota’s hybrid SUV, the C-HR, will receive a more powerful hybrid powertrain as part of its 2020 update. A 2.0-liter engine paired with a hybrid motor making 182bhp overall...


30th September 2019

Weekly Brief: Driverless Dreamers Need to Get a Grip on Reality

This is beginning to sound like a broken record. Another carmaker, another tech company, another multi-billion-dollar partnership for self-driving cars. Last week Hyundai announced that it has teamed up...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th September 2019

Toyota Claims Arctic Performance From Prius Nickel Battery

Toyota is claiming to have cracked the extreme cold weather problem with BEVs by employing an entirely different battery construction to the usual lithium-ion items. It says the 2020...


6th August 2019

Toyota Olympic Fuel Cell Buses Boast V2V and V2X

Toyota is claiming a comprehensive range of safety features including a bespoke V2V and V2X radio system on its Sora1 hydrogen fuel cell electric bus. It’s based on the...


26th July 2019

Toyota Unveils Olympic EV People Mover

Toyota has released details of its fully accessible people mover vehicle that will help ferry athletes and visitors to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Dubbed an ‘Accessible...


24th July 2019

Diesel Sales Thriving in US Pickup Truck Market

While sales of diesel engined vehicles in Europe continue to slide, the US full-size pickup truck is bucking the trend. Data published by the Diesel Technology Forum claims US...