Toyota Mirai

5th September 2023

Toyota Claims Powertrain Breakthrough with Hydrogen Hilux

Toyota claims to have reached a milestone in advancing hydrogen fuel-cell technology with its British built prototype Hilux unveiled in the UK. The ground-breaking pick-up has been developed at...


2nd December 2022

Toyota-Led UK Consortium Wins Hydrogen Government Funding

A Toyota-led consortium has won UK government funding to accelerate its development of a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-powered version of its Hilux pick-up. Funding for the project based at...


26th February 2021

Toyota’s Long-Range Trucking Fuel Cell Ready to Launch

Toyota claims to have succeed in miniaturizing a powerful fuel cell system suitable for long range heavy duty trucks. Its new system is aimed at applications where high output...


23rd March 2020

Toyota Teams Up to Push Fuel Cell Truck Development

Toyota has teamed up with a specialist truck builder to advance its plans for a market-ready fuel cell heavy goods vehicle. With Hino Motors, the automaker has agreed to...


18th February 2020

Toyota to Debut Compact SUV at Geneva

Toyota will use the 2020 Geneva Motor Show for the world debut of a new compact urban SUV. It says all its experience of building large SUVs will be...


11th October 2019

Toyota Keeps Hydrogen Faith With New Mirai

Toyota has reaffirmed its commitment to hydrogen fuel cell powertrains with the world debut of its second generation Mirai whose makeover is decidedly sporting. The saloon will be unveiled...


20th August 2018

Being at End of ICE Age, Doesn’t Mean Anytime Soon

Alternative fuels are gaining popularity but combustion engines will still rule the roost for many years yet, Eric Volkman discovers. Is the internal combustion engine (ICE) roaring towards extinction...